Why Should Only Doctors Administer Injectables?

April 16, 2019
doctor injectables

The Medical Board of Australia is considering placing tighter restrictions and regulations on the cosmetic surgery industry – in particular, clamping down on beauticians with no medical training from administering injectables. Our doctors at Cosmabl couldn’t agree more.

The first point we need to realise is that cosmetic injectables (Botox, for example) are neurotoxins. When put into unqualified hands, it could lead to disaster. Our doctors have serious concerns that those who offer cosmetic procedures are not adequately qualified or experienced. They fear that patients often get inadequate or inaccurate information prior to treatment and little or no after-care.

Cosmetic procedures are, in fact, medical procedures and therefore, only those who have medically recognised qualifications and training and should carry them out. Our staff welcomes stricter controls to thwart fly-by-night operators from proceeding unchecked and unregulated. We advise our patients to ensure that their injector is accredited, trained and qualified to carry out cosmetic procedures for their own safety and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, most people considering getting injectables list the “low cost” of their cosmetic procedures as a priority rather than the qualifications of the injector. All too often, this results in botched jobs, infections and hideous results which need even more surgery to be reversed. Patients need to get a clear understanding of what they are receiving, how the procedure will be done, what are the side-effects, if any, and what after-care needs to be followed.  

You can rest assured that all our staff are highly-trained medics with years of experience behind them to carry out cosmetic procedures. Our practitioners also have a duty of care to manage a patient’s expectations of how they will look and feel after treatment.