How much does a typical treatment cost?

Most treatments cost between $200 and $400. We will give you more information once you book.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover the Sydney metropolitan area.

Why don’t you cover my area yet?

We are expanding rapidly, so please keep an eye on our website for new locations. Feel free to drop us a line if you’d like us to visit you.

Can I get the same treatments I get at my local clinic?

Yes and no. We offer high-end muscle relaxant injections which is the same cosmetic injectables available as most clinics. Unfortunately, due to safety reasons, we can’t currently perform filler injections in your home but are happy to discuss options for this treatment if you’d like.

I am a medical professional; where can I find out more about related careers?

We have a Careers page, but do not always advertise, so send us an email if you want to express interest.

What should I do before a treatment?

It’s best to avoid applying make-up or facial products prior to a treatment. Although we clean the area to be injected, it helps if you simply use soap and water to clean the area and dry it with a clean towel.
If you have a fear of needles and/or struggle with injections, you may want to apply ice for several minutes prior to our arrival.

How do anti-wrinkle treatments work?

Anti-wrinkle injections work by preventing muscles from contracting. In this sense, we think of anti-wrinkle injections as treating ‘active’ muscles as opposed to ‘static’ muscles. In other words, the injections prevent wrinkles from occurring when the muscle is used. Some ‘static’ or resting wrinkles will smooth out over time if multiple treatments are applied. If these lines don’t improve, it is possible to lift those deep lines with small amounts of filler (which is a different type of product).

What shouldn’t I do after a treatment?

You should avoid alcohol and exercise for the next 24 hours. Over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and/or aspirin should be avoided to minimise the risk of bruising.
We also tell our clients to lie down for 5-10 minutes to let the product ‘settle’. Once the dots have gone away, it should be okay to go about your day as before (without exercise, alcohol and some medications, of course).

What are the potential side effects?

As outlined in our waiver, there are a number of potential side effects. In simple terms, it is easier to summarise them as major and minor. The injections are technically a medical procedure – they do carry theoretic risks of infections, nerve damage and  damage to vessels. However, this is minimal. The minor risks which occur from time to time include bruising, asymmetry and simply unhappy results (which is entirely based on the client’s perception of the results).

How often should I have treatments?

The rule of thumb is that treatments should occur roughly every three months. Some clients require treatment more frequently, and some clients require treatment less frequently. It’s a personal choice.

Why should I choose Cosmabl?

At Cosmabl, we aim to be conservative in the treatments we offer for a number of reasons. Firstly, the injectors at Cosmabl are all fully qualified doctors in their respective specialties (i.e. Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, etc.). We have no need to ‘push’ products or sales. Being fully qualified doctors, it is within our best interests to provide extremely safe procedures and educate our clients with up to date information. Lastly, we are all about convenience because we provide these cosmetic treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Are the treatments painful?

Unfortunately, yes, it does hurt. Very often, the first time is the scariest simply due to anticipation, but after that, they become far less intimidating. Most patients seem to tolerate additional treatments just fine.